Normalization in DBMS (DataBase Management System)

After reading the above heading you might have got an understanding of what we are gonna cover today.

Still, Let me make you comfortable with the topic and related terms.

Lets, Dive in.

DBMS stands for the Database Management System.

Now, You’ll ask what Database Management System is? Well, the name itself specifies the meaning. DBMS is a system that is used to manage the database.

Now, When I say to manage a database, I mean it is used for creating, storing, and manipulating a database.

There is various software available that helps us to create, store and manipulate databases.


Introducing an astonishing technology which is transfiguring the present and the future in the long run ie., IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGIES.

Immersive Technologies comprises Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. It is the fastest growing and interesting technology today.

Let’s discuss those immersive technologies :

Source :cios233 community

Today we’ll create a multiclass classification model which will classify images into multiple categories. In this we’ll be using Colour Classification Dataset. for example — Model will be able to predict whether the inputted image is Red,Blue or Green.

You can pick any colour of your choice and any number of I am choosing Red,Blue and Green. let’s go step by step

1.Get Your System Ready

Requirements : Python 3.6 or above , Jupyter Notebook or Spyder

Machine learning Libraries : keras,tensorflow,numpy,PIL(Pillow)

2.Getting The dataset

Most important requirement for Deep learning model is well balanced dataset. Due to lack…

This is foremost question to every Deep Learning aspirants…How to collect hundreds and thousands of images for training your deep learning model.


Let’s say, you want to create a model that classifies dog and a cat.One may think that.. I will download it manually..! 😱Like Really !! If we go with this way we would end up being collected maximum 100 -200 images and those images may noise ,irrelevant sometimes.Also,doing this task manually will take much much time.

One important thing is if we fed these noisy 100–200 images to our model,our model will overfit (means it will learn the…

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